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The Top 5 China Importing & Product Sourcing Blogs

by rodney • March 19, 2016 • No Comments

Importing from China sounds simple enough, find a supplier, negotiate a price, pay the money, they send the goods, what is there that could possibly go wrong?


With that in mind, here’s a collection of some of the top blogs and resources on the topic of importing. So, chuck your glasses on and get learning 🙂

1. Import Dojo

FireShot Screen Capture #179 - 'Import Dojo I Learn everything you need to know about sourcing and importing goods from China' - importdojo_co


There is an absolute treasure trove of resources here from a guy/team that walks the walk, which you’ll pick that up for yourself in just minutes on this site. It covers so much, from taxes and duties, private label, sourcing and the fantastic Tools and Resources page is a must bookmark.



2. Jacob Yount

FireShot Screen Capture #180 - 'Jacob Yount I Expert China Sourcing, Importing and Manufacturing' - jacobyount_co


Another blog packed with real world information that you should be bookmarking. It covers a wide range of topics that people sourcing directly from Chinese manufacturers are likely to encounter. A great place to start is 5 Ways to Introduce Yourself to Establish New Supplier Relationships.




FireShot Screen Capture #181 - 'QualityInspection_org - Quality Assurance and Sourcing Strategies in China' - qualityinspection_or


That vitally important step in the whole importing process, Quality Inspection. Another great resource from someone who is there on the front-line. A great place to start is Basics Of Quality Control



4. China Sourcing Information Center

FireShot Screen Capture #182 - 'CSIC - China Sourcing Information Center - Learn how to successfully buy in China' - chinasourcinginfo_or


A huge resource of info for the China buyer, there’s whitepapers on a range of key topics, along with the blog featuring real world stories, a Q&A section, trade show updates and even book reviews. It’s another must bookmark destination. A great post to get your started is 10 Years: 5 articles you need to read if your order is less than 100,000 USD in China



5. PassageMaker Blog

FireShot Screen Capture #184 - 'PassageMaker discuss China manufacturing, sourcing, tax and more' - www_psschina_com_china-business-bl


Sourcing products is one step made of many steps, following which if all goes swimmingly, you’ll want to get serious about supply chains and then, this site is for you. A great post that will interest everyone is How to take advantage of the RMB when buying from China



Bonus: Here’s a few more fantastic resources:, and Also check out the Reddit group for regular discussions on China Sourcing and even fire in your own questions.

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