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The Essentials of Buying Safely on Alibaba: What Is Onsite Check?

by rodney • February 17, 2016 • No Comments

Onsite Check is a verification process launched by to check Gold Suppliers in China (Mainland). To find suppliers which have undergone an Onsite Check simply look for the following icon:

  • The supplier’s company premises has been checked by’s staff to ensure onsite operations exist there..
  • A third-party verification company has confirmed the legal status of the supplier.
  • Confirmed (verified) information is displayed online

What kinds of information does Onsite Check verify?

  • Business license;
  • Business type (e.g. trading company, manufacturer or both)
  • Company / Factory location ;
  • Ownership status of the premises;
  • Photos of supplier’s operations;
  • Contact information ;
  • Certifications from subsidiaries, partners, and contractors;

How to find Onsite Checked suppliers


About Company Names
Registered/incorporated companies in mainland China are not required to register corporate names in English. Often, the English name of a Chinese company is either a phonetic or semi-literal translation of its Chinese name. Chinese companies’ official registrations have been verified in their original registered form, which is Chinese.

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