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The Essentials of Buying Safely on Alibaba: Supplier Verification

by rodney • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

buying safely

So you are looking to source products from China? Before you rush in and buy from Alibaba, it’s vitally important to understand the systems they have in place to verify suppliers, whats involved in those processes, and the differing levels that suppliers can achieve.’s Supplier Verification Services

The verification of sellers on serves to safeguard buyers by ensuring sellers are legally registered companies. Inspections of the companies are carried out by both and/or independent verification companies. Alibaba does not verify the authenticity of any goods listed for sale by sellers (including without limitation to “Gold Suppliers” or “Assessed Suppliers”) or the authority of sellers to offer any listed goods for sale. Alibaba does not and cannot guarantee the authenticity or genuineness of any of goods listed for sale by sellers.

Verification Types

A&V Check

A&V Checked suppliers are Gold Suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection by as well as a third-party verification company. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for those who have been A&V Checked.

Onsite Check

Onsite Check is a verification process for China Gold Suppliers. The supplier’s company’s premises are checked by’s staff to ensure onsite operations exist there. The suppliers’ legal status and other related information are then confirmed by a third-party verification agency.

Assessed Supplier

Assessed Supplier is an service providing you with fully independent and impartial third-party verification of your prospective suppliers. We commission several agencies based on their international reputation and proven credibility to test the claims made by suppliers. For buyers, this means that instinct and trust are based only on concrete evidence. Assessed Supplier includes Assessment Reports Verified Videos and Verified Main Products.


Key Features of Each Verification Service

Type of Verification Service Who carries out the inspection and verification Required/Optional

A&V Check

Third-party verification company Required for all Global Gold Suppliers

Onsite Check personnel & third-party verification company Required for all Gold Suppliers in Mainland China, Taiwan Gold Suppliers and Hong Kong Gold Suppliers

Assessed Supplier

A third-party company, such as Bureau Veritas or TÜV Rheinland, carries out the inspection and verification. Optional for all Gold Suppliers in Mainland China, Taiwan Gold Suppliers and Hong Kong Gold Suppliers

Suppliers on must pass the A&V check or the Onsite check to be eligible to be a Gold Supplier.


What Supplier Information is Verified?

Verified information
 A&V Check
 Onsite Check
 Assessed Supplier
Business license  yes  yes  yes
Contact information  yes  yes  yes
Business type (e.g. trading company, manufacturer or both)  yes  yes
Company/Factory location  yes  yes
Ownership status of the premises  yes  yes
Photos of supplier’s operations  yes  yes
Certifications from subsidiaries, partners, and contractors  yes  yes
Main product lines/services  yes
Certification  yes
Human resources  yes
Production/Export capacity  yes
International trade capabilities  yes
Production process management  yes
R&D abilities  yes
Company development/expansion plans  yes
Production flow  yes
Verified Main Products  yes
Verified Videos  yes


Understanding the different levels of verification can help you to choose between suppliers and correctly factor in the confidence that may provide to the pricing that’s on offer. You can view more information on safe buying at the Alibaba website in their Help Center.

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