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Exploring HuaqiangBei – The Electronics Capital of the World

by rodney • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

Bold title, yes, and if you have been there I am quite sure you’d walk away agreeing with me. To use a famous phrase of a would be president, namely Donald Trump, “it’s HUGE”.

HuaqiangBei is located in the central area of the city of Shenzhen, China. A city that has been at the forefront of the country’s modernization and reform efforts. It’s home to more than 10 million permanent residents, although the figure is probably much higher when you consider this is a migrant city. Home to some of the nations and worlds, top tech companies and factories, job hunters from all over China flood this city to make their money, and build their careers.


Back to HuaqiangBei, this area is basically block after block of multi-level buildings housing retailers and wholesalers of everything from microchips, through to high-end electronics. Here you will find every kind of electronic component you could imagine, and technicians, which is probably why the Hax team, and other in the ‘Maker’ scene, based themselves here.

At this point I should also add, it’s more than just electronics, there’s also huge malls for clothes shopping, so don’t be afraid to bring your fashion hunting partners.

If you arrive at the intersection of Shennan Middle Road and Huaqiang North Road, you will have SEG Plaza on one side and Huaqiang North plaza on the other side. SEG now features a focus on wearables and connected technology with lots of factories representing themselves there, along with many retailers/wholesalers of everday tech items such as cameras, pc’s, components, gadgets and more across its many levels.

Across the road you have Huqiang Plaza, where you can find components, technicians, refurbished laptops, LED and further along, major electronics retailers such as Gome, Sunning and numerous smaller retailers. After the Huqiang Plaza Hotel is basically clothes malls beginning with Moaye Department Store. Behind Huqiang Plaza Hotel you will find Galconda Plaza which is loaded with floor after floor of component and LED stalls.

Back to the SEG side of the road, you’ll see SEG Communications market, Yuanwang Digital Plaza where you’ll find gadgets and loads of mobile accessories, retail on the bottom floors and bulk sales on the upper floors. Further along is Manha Digital square, loads of consumer mobile phones, cheap quadcopters and gadgets.

Along Huafa Road you’ll find more multi level plazas, featuring mostly mobile phone gear, and on the corner of Zhenxing Road and Huafa North Road there’s a small plaza dedicated to pads and tablets.

Here are some photos from a recent product inspection, mainly focused on drones, fitness trackers, led torches, and gadgets (you can see most of these listed here with links to their manufacturers/wholesalers).

I have been visiting here on and off over the last four years, here is my first visit, and Huaqiangbei is most definitely growing and expanding, the number of people that move through this place is simply staggering. It’s said that in the near future there will be a massive underground mall to add more retail shopping, and connect all the metro lines.

If you are going to China, it’s definitely worth a look and your bound to do some deals. Here is a great resource for getting your head around Shenzhen and it’s shopping and attraction options. I would also suggest sussing things out before wandering around with a wad of cash thinking your going to do great, you wont, but there will be plenty eagerly willing to help you lighten that wad.

Here is a map of the Building Market locations at Huaqiangbei:
Huaqiangbei Map -

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