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China Manufacturing by Province

by rodney • February 18, 2016 • No Comments

map of China


If you have ever been to China you will notice something special, and also quite logical, which is the culture of clustering. For example, if I want to buy clothes, go to any city and you will find the clothing stores all clustered together on one street or area if it’s a large city.

Manufacturing is somewhat similar, where certain cities and provinces specialize in a certain field or product. Shenzhen is a well known example, being highly regarded for it’s electronics industry which is clustered around Huaqiangbei.

So lets a take a look at what some of the KEY manufacturing Provinces and what they industry/product specialize in :


Heavy Industries & Metallurgy, machinery parts, metal injection moulding, petroleum, coking, processing of nuclear fuel, non-metallic mineral products, raw chemical materials, chemical, electronics, information technology, biological engineering, pharmaceuticals and new materials.



mobile phones, aerospace & aviation, alternative energy and most important, automotive production.



Offshore Engineering Equipment & Port Machinery, microelectronics, steel and metal, automobiles and components, modern medicine, mobile communications products, electronic components and parts, white goods, digital audio-visual products, petrochemicals, steel smelting and processing, carbon black and rubber, bicycles and components, carpet, green food processing, and new building materials.



Guangdong has a niche in the light manufacturing industry. Major products include electrical appliances such as television sets, electrical fans, refrigerators, communication equipment, Heavy Industries & Metallurgy, Automotive, Garments & Footwear

Shenzhen, Guangdong – Electronics of all types, Jewelry.

Shantou, Guangdong – Canning, garments, lithography, plastic, and toys are some of the principal products.

Zhuhai, Guangdong -Electronics, information technology, precision machinery, petrochemicals, energy and bio-pharmaceuticals.



Laptops, laptop components, automotive, motorcycles, machinery



building materials, forest products, light industrial products, electronic products, chemical products, machinery products, metallurgical products, energy products, stone carving, bodiless lacquerware and porcelain.



non-ferrous metals, electricity power, petrochemicals, oil exploration machinery, and building materials.



It is the most important tropical fruit production base and seeds-breeding base in China. Major fruits include pineapple, lychee, longan and bananas. Herbal medicine, tyres, conveyor belts and latex gloves.



iron and steel manufacturing



equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, food processing, energy, pharmaceuticals, forest and timber processing, automobile and automobile parts



Henan is one of the country’s main commercial crops production areas. Major agricultural products include cotton, peanuts, mushrooms, tobacco and fruits. Also producing meat, frozen food, instant noodles, biscuits and seasonings. Others include chemical, automobile and parts, machinery production and textiles.


Hong Kong

Printing and publishing, food and beverage, textile, clothing and electronic industries.



auto manufacturing, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, chemical industry, electric information, textile and building materials. It is one of China’s three iron & steel bases.



electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, machinery and equipment, textiles & garment and metallurgy.



metallurgical industry, electromechanical industry, petroleum, chemical industry and building materials industry



electronic information product, automobile, petrochemical, fine steel, equipment complex, bio-medicine



coal, energy and iron and steel remain as dominating sectors, the province has also established a light manufacturing sector comprising electronics, building materials, wood processing, food, silk processing.



Machinery industry, sports footwear, newsprint paper, plastic pipe, sanitary napkin, mercury, alkali and manganese-free batteries.



garment and textiles, chemical fiber, leather products, wooden furniture, toys, household appliances, paper, electrical equipment and machinery

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