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20 Places to Buy Wholesale + 10 Places to Resell

by rodney • February 20, 2016 • No Comments

It has never been easier than now to get into consumer eCommerce, with a few clicks you can have a store rolling via shopify, or even send your goods directly to Amazon FBA and let them handle fulfillment. It’s getting easier by the day.

Likewise for the initial vital step of sourcing the product/inventory that you wish to sell. The international trading platforms make it simple to connect with manufacturers from China, and around the world. Here’s a list of B2B trade websites where you can acquire, and B2C sites where you can offload.

B2B Wholesale and Trade Sourcing

20 websites where you can search for products and deal with manufacturers and trade agents from China and around the globe.

B2C – Business to Consumer sites

Here’s where you can set up stores, list and market your products that you have sourced from China/India. via ecwid or shopify &

[update] Bonus: more shopping search sites where you can advertise products
The Find.

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