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Dropshipping Startup: Using Aliexpress + WordPress

by Guest Post • February 18, 2016 • No Comments



So for you guys (and girls) who aren’t familiar with me (tibbledot) I am posted this “How I spent 200$ building a niche affiliate website and earned 0.0$ after 3 months.

After my post I gathered all the feedback and new knowledge I got and came to the conclusion that it would be a waste for me to polish the turd I had created since I lack a ton of skills in the affiliate market.

My affiliate site actually got some sales ($17) but were shutdown by amazon since I accidentally wrote my email address in the field where my website should have been, so they couldn’t find it.

So there we go, end off that chapter of my life. I put my affiliate website up for sale today after I’ve created a new website based on my skill set.

My new website (For feedback purposes only) is

It was created 11 days ago. And since then I actually made 598kr ($74) in sales and a profit of $46.75

This is how I did it.

  1. Searched for a product with good profit, I scanned internet like a mad man, and I ended up with leggings.
  2. After that I went to Aliexpress and found my suppliers (two), aliexpress wasn’t my first choice but the suppliers are okay and trustworthy.
  3. Okay, so I have my product, I have my supplier but I did’t have anything else. The next step was to buy the domain which was easy. $12 were spent here.
  4. After that It was time to download and upload my platform, I went with wordpress since it’s free and easy to manage. To be able to create a good looking store, I went with the plugin Woocommerce and a suitable Theme who supports Woocommerce.
  5. Everything is now in place and the products could now be added. My suppliers already had their shop on Aliexpress where I took the products with good pictures (it’s all about the quality when you want someone to throw money in your face)
  6. It took time to ad 120-130 pair of leggings. As a wantrepreneur rather than a entrepreneur I have a 9-5 job managing 3 gym´s in Sweden. I probably spent 3 days only adding products.
  7. After step 6 I now had a domain, a store, 120-130 products and still no payment options except PayPal which for some reason isn’t that trustworthy in Sweden. I spend another 2-3 days setting up various accounts with some payment gateway companies based in Sweden. (Side note for everyone out there, don’t go with the standard PayPal logo in your cart, upload the same as I did since it looks way more professional = More sales)
  8. I was now done with the store, everything was in place for the customer to place the orders but my site looked like a dump without a logo and some graphic. I went with fiverr and carefully chose a supplier who was new to the community and needed to create work for hes/hers portfolio. He/she provided me with 3x vector logos and some banners for only $12. (Side note: new members tend to go the extra mile and you get more value for your buck)
  9. Everything was now in place to gather visitors and potential buyers. I recently read some post about Instagram marketing and I picked up on that since it’s fairly easy to find your target audience through hashtags.
    Since everything I do and want to do is as little as possible for as much money as possible, I tend to skip corners whenever I can. This lead me to Instagress which automatically like, comment, follow/unfollow people.

My first attempt was successful until my account got banned due to me being a retard. While Instagress was doing the thing Instagress do, I too was doing the same thing. Which is easy to find out for Instagram. So if you want to follow my footsteps. Here is my advice: Use instagress, skip the follow/unfollow part and use the slow speed. And dont use your account meanwhile.

After one or two days of this I had forwarded a “bunch” (maybe 70 visitors/day) towards my website where 11-12 visitors had signed up for my newsletter to get my 20% discount.
(sorry for skipping the part with the newsletter, it’s of huge importance to get traction and fairly easy to setup)

I used Mailchimp with my website.

It’s hard to get traction in the start and I was/am eager to start. So I sent every participant of my newsletter the discount code and I was good to go. I officially launched my website even though it’s not done yet.

The first two days got me a income of $74.

I still got a bunch of stuff to do, like translating my theme 100% to Swedish and figure out how I should do the bookkeeping of a company that dropship from Asia and ship products world wide.

I also know that my business would have been 100x better if I could storage all the products in Sweden and increase the price a bit. But that has to come with time, I need to gather another $250 to bulk order the most popular products and ship them from Sweden. But it is a transition that comes naturally with time.

And for you who’s wondering why I post this.

It’s simply to guide every “wantepreneur” out there a bit down the road of e-commerce. I am by no means better than anyone else. If I can do this, everyone can. Thats why I show of my market, products and a basic “how to”, I want to encourage you all to do it.

And of course to gather more feedback and knowledge as I did with my previous post.

If you found this post useful, you could like my facebookpage in return as a “Thank you”.
But that is by no means necessary!

A small guide and “how to” start a e-commerce site from scratch to the first sale in a fairly short time.

This post first appeared on Reddit

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