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Review: Who is DHGate & How can I Buy at Wholesale Safely?

by rodney • February 15, 2016 • No Comments


If you sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or other online Business to Consumer (B2C) websites then you have probably heard of Alibaba and Aliexpress which is where many online sellers purchase direct from China to then on-sell in their own country.

DHGate is like both of those rolled into one, you can buy in single pieces from DHGate or you can strike up a wholesale deal and buy in bulk, it’s a B2C and B2B (Business to Business) platform. Predominately all the sellers are based in China, and you will find manufacturers and trade agents representing themselves there.

What is the process for buying from DHgate?

1. Buyer searches for products and places an order at search for and evaluate an item, communicate with Seller, and then add to cart.
2. Buyer makes payment, which DHgate will hold until Buyer authorizes its release to Seller.
3. Seller delivers package. When the payment is confirmed, Buyer will get tracking information.
4. Buyer receives package and checks quality and quantity of item(s).
5. Buyer completes order and gives feedback and product review; payment is released to Seller.

Will I get Scammed on DHGate?
There are many concerns people have with buying from overseas, rightly so, just do a search and you will find plenty of horror stories. To give buyers confidence, DHGate uses escrow, as they describe:

Your payment information is provided directly to DHgate (not to the seller). DHgate uses leading data encryption and bank-level security to ensure your payment details are safe, protected, and out of harm’s way from intruders. Your payment is not released to the seller until you confirm successful delivery of your order.

They also have a “Return or Refund” policy, basically similar to eBay, in that if the goods are not as described you can negotiate with the seller for return or refund, if that fails you can request DHGate to arbitrate.

You can get the full details on their important protection features here.

How About After-sale service with DHGate?
They actually have an after-sales policy which reads:

The After-sale Service allows you to open a dispute within 30 days after you confirms successful receipt of the product, and payment is released to the seller. Such examples include a cell phone battery not working, a defective touch screen on a tablet, LED lamps not lighting, etc. when you using these items within the warranty period.

Are products on DHGate Genuine?
You may see some brand names represented there, particularly China brands, but otherwise most products are simply China produced generic non-branded goods. If unsure, ask the seller the question directly. Personally I wouldn’t be hunting brand name goods, if your’e looking to resell, and make money, then generics offer great value and low price point.

What is the difference between and offers cross border online trading, while offers trading information service only. Buyers usually use to source products from China for larger order size offline transactions.

In Conclusion
It’s the same with buying anything, it’s up to you to do your own research and compare the different value of products, and the different offers provided on Alibaba, Aliexpress or DHGate. Fortunately it is getting safer to buy from these sites, and if you are a reseller, making money on eBay or elsewhere, then you definitely want to be making use of these resources for identifying new trending products and negotiating wholesale deals.

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