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Avoid Scams on DHgate – Review V: Essentials in Understanding the Item Page

by rodney • February 15, 2016 • No Comments


On  to view an item in detail, simply click on the item title or the picture on the listing page. Then you can find all the information you evaluate the product and key info on the seller.

A.Item Description

Sellers give important product information in the Item Description. Check Item Specifics for information such as technical data, dimensions, age and condition.


B. Check the price, quantity requirement and shipping cost

1. Item cost

Price: Usually you will see a price range, in this case US $ 67.2 – 79.99. The actual price is dependent on the quantity ordered. In general, the more you buy the more you save.

2. Shipping Cost

Please check the shipping details carefully and pay special attention to:

2.1 Shipping cost

2.2 Shipping options (UPS, EMS, FedEx, etc)For detailed shipping cost, please choose the destination and item quantities, and then click the “Calculate”.

3. Customer Reviews: This is also an important factor when you choose what item to purchase. When buyers purchase an item they will give comments on the item. It stands for the true quality of the item and buyer’s satisfaction for the item.

Take the following comment as an example, the buyer gave the 5 star (5 highest, 1 worst) comment to the item and leave the comment as well.

C. Seller Information

You can get information about sellers in the Seller Information Box. The most important information is Seller’ Positive Feedback and total transactions.

It means Top Merchant on DHgate.

It means Premium Merchant on DHgate.

4130 Transactions: It tells that the seller has already successfully made 4130 transactions on DHgate.
98% Positive Feedback: The feedback rate that buyers have given to this seller in the past 12 months.
Positive Feedback Rate =

Transaction scores, positive feedback rate, and the power seller rank are the main factors for buyers to distinguish good sellers.

D. Photos

Offer more clues to the quality and condition of the item.

E. Other items you might be interested in

as it says, other similar or related products that may interest you.




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