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DHgate Review Pt II: Evaluating Sellers

by rodney • February 15, 2016 • No Comments


1. The transaction score is a good place to start. More transaction score means more sales by this seller, so they must be doing something right. Although, don’t write off the new seller just yet.

2. Whilst it is very important to check the seller score and feedback, as it represents the general business and service level of this seller, it is not enough. Try to chat with the seller, to see if he is professional in the field of his business, I believe you can sense this point. If it is a big order, a sample test is a good idea, from a sample order you can know all details of the item and the whole business process, such as the quality, delivery time and so on. All these factors will help me make choice that whether or not to continue business with this supplier.

3. A good seller is the one who can ship to any country with reasonable price and follow up with the buyer till the buyer receives the goods. 

4. What about new Sellers? You can also try new sellers who may be on the path of building their feedback for their business, when dealing with these sellers ask as many questions as you can and confirm everything. Again, if it’s a large order, try a sample first.

5. Good sellers should have the following 5 qualities;

      Sellers should appreciate business from their customers
      Communication is the key to the successful in business. After sales service is very important too.
      Good Reputation indicates the good business practice. It also proof that a seller is trusted by customers.
(4) Ethic
       Sellers should be able to easily demonstrate products and provide honest descriptions of their goods.
(5) Accountability
     Things often go wrong, the worlds like that. But It’s how a seller responds that sets them apart from the rest, look through the comments for bad experiences and how the seller responded.

Key Points in Successfully finding a great Seller:

  • Transaction Volume
  • Feedback score
  • Feedback comment mentioning the item I consider buying and the item reviews.
  • Chat with the seller (how often is he online? is he professional?)
  • Real pictures of the item and is the item in stock?
  • Sample order for large orders

You can learn more about the Seller Evaluation system at DHgate


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