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DHgate Review Part III: The Seller Rank Evaluation System

by rodney • February 15, 2016 • No Comments


The Seller Rank Evaluation System is used by DHgate to examine the service ability of sellers, taking into account the following criteria:

• Repeat Purchase Rate • Total Order Amount • Dispute Rate • Successful Transaction Rate • Positive Feedback Rate • Speed of Replies • Seller Activity • Speed of Receiving Goods

TOP Merchant (the highest ranking):
Top Merchant means that this particular seller is one of the best sellers on DHgate for providing the best services and highest quality products. Out of the millions of sellers on DHgate, these sellers were chosen because they have a high annual sale volume and consistently received positive customer reviews.


Premium Merchant:
Premium merchants are sellers that are selected by DHgate for their honest transactions and sale history. They are the next highest and best sellers after Top Merchants for their high quality products, good services, and ability to reach the required sales and credibility index required by DHgate. It is an honor rewarded to sellers as approval and respect to them.


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