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DHgate Review IV: Searching for Items

by rodney • February 15, 2016 • No Comments


If you’re looking for a specific item, Search is the better option. Use the Search box at the top of any DHgate page. To find a wedding dress, for example, use the search phrase “wedding dress”. Narrow your search by adding brand names or other features such as “white” or “free shipping”.

Then click “Search”, and all the matched results will come out, as in the following example.

Power Tip: You can also negate terms with the – operator. For example: “led -cree” will return search results for led without the mention of cree.

After clicking to search, you also have a powerful range of filters at your disposal, such as: filter by price, order quantity, shipping destination and many more as you can see below.

search dhgate

Find items through categories
If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or if you just want to scroll through an item listing, browsing is the better option. When you browse on DHgate, you can click through categories and lists of items, exploring as you go, until you find something you’re interested in.


If you can’t find the items you want on our website by using keyword search and view category, you can ‘Submit a Buying Request’ to post message with detailed descriptions for what you would like to buy, you can find that link by hovering over ‘My DHgate’.

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